Winters Lane Productions has been a force in the Baltimore/ Washington area for over 15yrs.  The time has come to move in a another direction.  The journey started in a little house in Baltimore, Maryland where dreams came true.  I wanted to build a company where love was the main ingredient in how we did everything.  We watched the best and brightest come through our doors, and they embarked on journeys that were bigger then dreams could be imagined.  Winters Lane Productions was a production company with learning tools in place.  When you came into our home we wanted to make sure that you had the tools to make it in the real world of theatre, and it was something that was important to us.  

As seasons change with the times.  We all grow to blossom into another flower the time comes when we need to understand what next chapter is in the Circle of Life.   I have decided to close Winters Lane Productions as a theatre company and move on to consulting and mentoring.  You can contract our resources for direction in production, costuming, and overall management advice, and we are also open to produce up and coming artist that want to embark on their own self titled shows and solo projects.  We will be gone from the stage but we will forever be a part of a great community.  

I want to publicly want to thank my mom who was a mother to all.  Her patience and love gave me the strength to build this company from scratch in memory of her mother, Eva Web Hardy.  From there was a meeting at a dining room table shared with Mark Briner, whom support has always been important to me in times of creativity and value.  We added to the family Susan Davis her daughter, Alicia and her sister Shelley Jennings who have not only been partners in the company, but have been nothing but family for my mother and myself for years.  Jason Kimmell, Daryl Conley and Chris Rudy who always said, "yes" when I said run.  We all built together, cried, gave blood (literally) sweat, and brain power to create some of the best notable productions in the Baltimore/ Washington area.  

I wanna to also thank Mareike and Joe Nebel for putting up with my crazy dreams and aspirations for all of these years.  Vince Musgrave, Peter Crews, Robert and Tammy Oppel,  Fuzz Roark, Tiffany Underwood Holmes, Troy Hopper, Aaron Reeder, Rikki Howie Lacewell, Quae Simpson, Michelle Bruno, Emily Taylor, J'Michael D'Haviland, Laurie Newton, Gabrielle and Joe Fontana, Don Mike Mendozza, Jared Shamberger, Jivon Jackson, and CCES for the years of just plan old support and helping to give me the tools to launch our children's division of Winters Lane.  

Most of all I want to thank you, the fans the community who was so kind to us over the years supporting and buying tickets etc. without you this dream wouldn't have  been a reality.  

Please continue to check my website for updates and events in my journey.  Love you all Anya