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What's Been Going On Since I Created This Website

Hello!  Welcome back!  There are things since I have put this whole website together.  I have been taking the time to gather all of the pieces to this puzzle and how I would like my first album to turn out.  I have been faced with a lot of challenges lately, and I have learned a lot about myself and my need to make sure that music is the center of my life and passion. and I have connected in a way the is the process to perfection.  

I appeared in my third recital at Carnegie Hall in March.  It was magical because made a debut singing in Italian.  What a blast!!  It was the beginning of the journey.  The exploration of listening for inspiration, all the while making a reason for the creation.  

So we have a timeline and a release date which I will announce soon!   I have created an Instagram account to work with my Facebook, so I will be making sure that social media is popping and up to date.    Love you guys, Anya



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